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roofing contractor in Topeka - owner Kody Mayor
Founder Kody Mayor
roofing crew in Topeka
Our Topeka roofing crew

When i first started Topeka roofing in 2004 i knew we needed a few things to be consistently great. We needed the best craftsman in the area,
If you are looking for a reason to work with our Topeka roofing company. Here is a few good reasons. We provide No obligation quotes to our customers. We do high quality work the first time so there will be no errors or leaks for your roof. All of our professional roofers are insured fully covered, they also have to pass multiple roofer tests to be licensed by the state of Kansas. These are all very good reasons to work with us, feel free to contact our admin for any questions, comments, or inquiries.

Topeka roofing administrator
Suzy Jones / secretary

Cost of roofing

here is the approximate difference between the price of these roofing materials - shingles, metal roofing, tiles, wood shakes etc.
Roofing materialCost Per SquareTime to install / Square
Shingles$200 - $35015 mins - 25 mins
Metal roofing$250 - $40010 mins - 20 mins
wood shakes$300 - $40020 mins - 30 mins
Tiles$300 - $45025 mins - 35 mins
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