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roofing crew in Topeka
Our Topeka roofing crew

Our team of Topeka roofers are truly passionate about correctly roofing our customers homes. We are disgusted when we see poor roofing practices, often used on our customers existing roofs, We can only hope that less people get duped by fast cash roofers that speed through the job making errors all along the way (hoping the homeowner will not notice). We specialize in roof replacements but we will also provide minor roof repairs to your leaky roof.

Our Team of experts have over 60 years of experience, together they can roof any home.

Here at Topeka roofing we are dedicated to our customer service making sure to cover every detail during each job. Our goal is not only to roof the house successfully with zero errors, but also to make sure the homeowner is fully aware of all changes being made to their roof. Our roofing experts go through step by step the construction techniques and building materials they will use before ever getting on your roof! Any questions will be fully answered, we do not withhold anything from the customer, what you see is what you get. If our company sounds right for your roofing needs feel free to visit our social media pages for more details. Thank you.
Our free roofing estimate program has really built a large community of reliable customers for our roofing business in Overland Park. When we first started giving them away it was a bit slow, now that the word has is out, we give out multiple estimates each day.
When we were first starting as roofing contractors in Wichita we would get a lot of business from referrals, this really helped us grow to where we are today. In order to give back to the roofing community we have now decided to offer a free roofing contractor buyer’s guide to all who are interested in our roofing service.
If you are intrigued by what we have to offer please do not hesitate to get in touch with our marketing team, which covers Overland Park, Topeka, and Wichita KS.

Cost of roofing

here is the approximate difference between the price of these roofing materials - shingles, metal roofing, tiles, wood shakes etc.
Roofing materialCost Per SquareTime to install / Square
Shingles$200 - $35015 mins - 25 mins
Metal roofing$250 - $40010 mins - 20 mins
wood shakes$300 - $40020 mins - 30 mins
Tiles$300 - $45025 mins - 35 mins
roofing contractor in Topeka - owner Kody Mayor
Founder Kody Mayor

– Thank you and best wishes from Kody Mayor and the Topeka roofing team.

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  1. 3 things i loved about this company was how Honest,Affordable and Passionate the workers were, after the job was done they left the site spotless!! also, the free home inspection is nice we had jeff come out and he was very knowledgeable and friendly.

  2. Thanks Mary. Our roofers have all always been very special in those ways.

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